a lawyer is a legally qualified person, someone who gives legal advice and represents people in legal matters.

Legal Activity/ Activities

as defined at s.12 of the 2007 Act summarised as follows:

(a) a reserved legal activity, and

(b) any other activity, which consists of one, or both, of the following:

(i) the provision of legal advice, or assistance, in connection with the application of the law, or with any form of resolution of legal disputes.

(ii) the provision of representation in connection with any matter concerning the application of the law, or any form of resolution of legal disputes.

Legal Ombudsman

the official (office) whose role is to investigate customer complaints against legal service providers.

Legal Services Board (LSB)

the oversight body which supervises Approved Regulators’ and Licensing Authorities’ regulation of legal activities.

Legal Services Provider

companies (firms or practices) that provide legal services.


a debt or obligation.


a licence to practise as a Licensed Conveyancer  issued by the CLC under Part II of the 1985  Act (and includes where the context permits a conveyancing licence, a probate licence, a litigation licence and an advocacy licence).

Licence Authorisations, Conditions, Permissions and Terms

please see  authorisations, conditions, permissions and terms.

Licensable Body

a body which could apply, or has applied, to the CLC to become a Licensed (ABS) Body.

Licensed Body/Bodies

an Alternative Business Structure licensed by the CLC.

Licensed Conveyancer

a person who holds a Licence issued by the CLC to provide Conveyancing and other legal services regulated by the CLC.

Licensing Authority

as defined at s.73 of the 2007 Act, an approved regulator which is designated as a licensing authority under Part 1 of Schedule 10 and whose licensing rules are approved to license and regulate Alternative Business Structures  

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

a body corporate, formed by being incorporated under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2000, recognised by the CLC under s.32 of the 1985 Act to provide Reserved Legal Activities.






referred at Schedule 2 of the 2007 Act, as the “conduct of litigation” and includes:

(a)  the issuing of proceedings before any court in England and Wales

(b)  the commencement, prosecution and defence of such proceedings

(c)   the performance of any ancillary functions in relation to such proceedings (such as entering appearances to actions).

Litigation Licence

a licence issued by the CLC to provide litigation services.

LLP Member

a member of a Limited Liability Partnership.

Local Authority

a body listed in s.23 of the Local Government Act 2003.


Legal Services Board.